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Princess cruise shipPrincess Cruises has is wholly owned by Carnival Corporation with 19 ships which consists of approximately 19% of its market.

Contact for Financial Information
Phone: 305 599 2600
Investor Website: Princess Cruises

Carnival Corporation
87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Princess Ship Itineraries

Port of Departure Ship Name
Ship Class
Sydney, Australia Dawn Princess
1,998 Pass
Australia and New Zealand
Sydney, Australia Sea Princess
2,016 Pass
Alaska, Hawaii, Australia
Sydney, Australia Sun Princess
2,022 Pass
Australia and New Zealand
Vancouver, BC Canada Coral Princess
1,974 Pass
Alaska, Panama, Caribbean
Vancouver, BC Canada Diamond Princess
2,674 Pass
Alaska, China, Australia, New Zealand
Vancouver, BC Canada Island Princess
1,974 Pass
Alaska, Panama, Caribbean
Vancouver, BC Canada Sapphire Princess
2,674 Pass
Alaska, Baja, Mexican Riviera
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Emerald Princess
3,080 Pass
Caribbean, Northern and Western Europe
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Grand Princess
2,602 Pass
Caribbean, Mediterranean, West Europe
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Ruby Princess
3,080 Pass
Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean
All ports, Italy Crown Princess
3,076 Pass
Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean
San Juan, Puerto Rico Caribbean Princess
3,128 Pass
Caribbean, Europe, East USA Coast
Seattle, WA USA Golden Princess
2,632 Pass
Alaska, Baja, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera
Seattle, WA USA Star Princess
2,590 Pass
Alaska, Mexican Riviera, South America
All ports, World Ocean Princess
676 Pass
Africa, Australia, Mediterranean, Europe
All ports, World Pacific Princess
676 Pass
Africa, Mediterranean, Europe