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Costa Cruise ShipCosta Cruises is owned by the Carnival Corporation, operates under the Italian Flag and offers cruise holidays to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Middle East, South East Asia and South America.

The company is one of the Carnival Groups main operating divisions and manages the European market.

Contact for Financial Information
Phone: 305 599 2600
Investor Website: Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Corporation
87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Costa Ship Locations

Port of Departure Ship Name
Ship Class
Shanghai, China Costa Victoria
1,928 Pass
China, South Korea and Japan
Copenhagen, Denmark Costa Fortuna
2,716 Pass
Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Russia
Copenhagen, Denmark Costa Luminosa
2,206 Pass
Denmark, Finland, Russia, Estonia
Amsterdam, Holland Costa Deliziosa
2,260 Pass
Holland and Norway
Savona, Italy Costa Atlantica
2,110 Pass
Spain, Corsica, France, Italy
Ancona, Italy Costa Classica
1,308 Pass
Italy, Croatia, Greece
Venice, Italy Costa Fascinosa
3,016 Pass
Italy, Croatia, Greece
Venice, Italy Costa Favolosa
3,016 Pass
Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia
Savona, Italy Costa Magica
2,716 Pass
Italy, Spain, Malta and Sicily
Savona, Italy Costa Pacifica
3,008 Pass
Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England
Savona, Italy Costa Mediterranea
2,114 Pass
Italy, Spain, Morocco, Spain, Portugal
Catania, Sicily Costa Serena
3,000 Pass
France, Spain and Italy
Barcelona, Spain Costa Voyager
832 Pass
Spain, France, Italy and Malta