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Europe's Horse and Dog Racecourses

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Dog and Horse Racing in West Europe
Horse Races

Dog Races

Dog and horse racing in Europe is still popular and many tracks have recently undergone major renovations. France, Great Britain, Ireland and Italy have horse racing either Steeplechasing (going over Jumps), Flat (point to point) or harness (horses trot pulling a sulky). Ireland and Great Britain also have greyhound tracks.

Horse racing in Europe can be a formal event with a strict dress code. The major races are popular events with royalty in attendance, dressed in formal attire and event becomes a giant party. Most racecourses also have bars, restaurants and night clubs attached. Some even have non-race events in the off-season to maximize facility use.

Unlike casinos, racing is a family event with many racecourses offering camping facilities. Theme events like "Ladies Day" help draw the town folks together for a common celebration.

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