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United Kingdom Racecourses

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United Kingdom Horse and Dog Racecourses
Greyhound Races

Horse Racing

Great Britain
has many fine horse and dog racing tracks. Horse racing the the UK is either National Hunt racing which involves jumping hurdles or fences or Flat racing which is unobstructed racing. The races are not called Race 1, Race 2 etc., but instead referred to by the time of the race "1:45", "4:15" etc. Also, in Great Britain race schedules are call Fixtures. The sport is regulated by the British Horse racing Authority. I think horse racing is sometimes referred to as the "sport of kings" because you must have a royal income to afford owning a horse.

The United Kingdom also has many fine Greyhound racing tracks. Although interest in dog racing is declining, partly due to concerns for the dogs well-being, it is still fun to spend the day at the track. Also see US horse racing.

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United Kingdom Racecourse Reviews
Race Track City
Royal Ascot Ascot About Horse racing at the Royal Ascot Raceway in Ascot England.
Ayr Ayr About Horse Racing at Ayr Racecourse in Ayr, Scotland.
Newbury Berkshire About Horse racing at Newbury Racetrack in Berkshire, England.
Beverley Beverley About Horse Racing at Beverley Racetrack in Beverley, England.
Hall Green Birmingham About Greyhound racing at Hall Green Stadium in Birmingham, England.
Perry Barr Birmingham About Greyhound racing at Perry Barr Raceway in Birmingham UK
Swindon Blunsdon About Greyhound racing at Swindon Stadium in Blunsdon, England.
Brighton Brighton About Horse racing at Brighton Raceway in Brighton England.
Newcastle Byker About Greyhound racing at Newcastle Raceway in Byker, England
Cartmel Cartmel About Horse racing at Cartmel Racetrack in Cartmel England
Chepstow Chepstow Horse racing at Chepstow
Chester Chester About Horse racing at Chester Racetrack in Chester, England.
Pelaw Grange Chester le Street About Greyhound racing at Pelaw Grange Raceway in Chester Street, UK.
Redcar Cleveland About Horse Racing at Redcar Racetrack in Cleveland, England.
Crayford Crayford About Greyhound racing at Crayford Stadium in Crayford, England.
Carlisle Cumbria About Horse racing at Carisle Racetrack in Cumbria, England
Doncaster Doncaster About Horse racing at Doncaster Racetrack in Doncaster, England.
Epsom Epsom Downs About Horse racing at Epsom Downs Stadium in Epsom Downs England
Sandown Park Esher About Horse racing at Sandown Park Stadium in Esher, England.
Fakenham Fakenham About Horse racing Fakenham Racetrack in Fakenham, England.
Fontwell Park Fontwell About Horse racing at Fontwell Racetrack in Fontwell, England.
Cheltenham Gloucestershire About Horse racing at Cheltenham Stadium in Gloucestershire, England.
Yarmouth Great Yarmouth About Greyhound Racing at Yarmouth Raceway in Yarmouth, England.
Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth About Horse racing at Great Yarmouth Racetrack in Great Yarmouth, England.
Hamilton Park Hamilton About Horse racing at Hamilton Park in Hamilton Scotland.
Harlow Harlow About Greyhound racing at Harlow Raceway in Harlow, England.
Hereford Hereford About Horse racing at Hereford Stadium in Hereford, England.
Huntingdon Huntingdon About Horse racing at Huntingdon Stadium in Huntingdon, England.
Exeter Kennford About Horse racing at Exeter Raceway in Kennford, England.
Lingfield Park Lingfield About Horse racing at Lingfield Stadium in Lingfield, England.
Drumbo Park Lisburn About Greyhound racing at Drumbo Park in Lisburn, North Ireland.
Down Royal Lisburn About Horse racing at Down Royal Racetrack in Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Aintree Liverpool About Horse racing at Aintree Raceway in Liverpool, England
Wimbledon London About Greyhound racing at Wimbledon Stadium in London, England.
Henlow Lower Stondon About Greyhound racing at Henlow Stadiumin Lower Stondon England
Belle Vue Manchester About Greyhound racing at Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester, England.
Market Rasen Market Rasen About Horse racing at Market Rasen Raceway in Market Reasen, England.
Kempton Park Middlesex About Horse racing at Kempton Park in Middlesex, England.
Mildenhall Mildenhall About Greyhound racing at Mildenhall Raceway in Mildenhall, England
Musselburgh Musselburgh About Horse racing at Musselburgh Racetrack in Musselburgh, Scotland.
Newmarket Newmarket About Horse racing at Newmarket Racetrack in Newmarket England.
Newton Abbot Newton Abbot About Horse racing at Newton Abbot Racetrack in Newton Abbot England.
Catterick North Yorkshire About Horse racing at Catterick Racetrack in North Yorkshire, England.
Towcester Northants About Horse racing at Towcester Racetrack in Northants, England.
Hexham Northumberland About Horse racing at Hexham Racetrack in Northumberland, England.
Nottingham Nottingham About Greyhound racing at Nottingham Stadium in Nottingham England.
Nottingham Nottingham About Horse racing at Notingham Racetrack in Nottingham, England.
Oxford Oxford About Greyhound racing at Oxford Stadium in Oxford England.
Perth Perth About Horse racing at Perth Racetrack in Perth, Scotland.
Peterborough Peterborough About Greyhound racing at Peterborough Stadium in Peterborough England.
Plumpton Plumpton About Horse racing at Plumpton Racetrack in Plumpton England.
Pontefract Pontefract About Horse racing at Pontefract Racetrack in Pontefrack, England.
Poole Poole About Greyhound racing at Poole Stadium in Poole England.
Salisbury Salisbury About Horse racing at Salisbury Racetrack in Salisbury, England.
Owlerton Sheffield About Greyhound racing at Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield England
Ludlow Shropshire About Horse racing at Ludlow Raceway in Ludlow, England
Sittingbourne Sittingbourne About Greyhound racing at Sittingbourne Stadium in Sittingbourne England.
Stratford-On-Avon Stratford-upon-Avon About Horse Racing at Stratford-on-Avon Racetrack in Stratford-on-Avon England
Sunderland Sunderland About Greyhound racing at Sunderland Stadium in Sunderland England.
Taunton Taunton About Horse racing at Taunton Racetrack in Taunton, England.
Uttoxeter Uttoxeter About Horse racing at Uttoxeter Racetrack in Uttoxeter, England.
Warwick Warwick About Horse racing at Warwick Racetrack in Warick, England.
Kinsley West Yorkshire About Greyhound racing at Kinsley Stadium in West Yorkshire, England.
Wetherby Wetherby About Horse racing at Wetherby Racetrack in Wetherby, England.
Wincanton Wincanton About Horse racing at Wincanton Racetrack in Wincanton, England.
Royal Windsor Windsor About Horse racing at Royal Windsor Stadium in Windsor, England.
Monmore Green Wolverhampton About Greyhound racing at Monmore Green Stadium in Wolverhampton England.
Wolverhampton Wolverhampton About Horse racing at Wolverhampton Racetrack in Wolverhampton, England.
Worcester Worcester About Horse racing at Worcester Racetrack in Worcester, England.
York York About Horse racing at York Racetrack in York, England.