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Pachinko MachinesGambling in Japan is banned by the Criminal Code, chapter 23. The exceptions are betting on horse racing and motor sports. As a result Japan has 28 race tracks, but no casinos. Another exception to the Criminal Code is Pachinko. This is like a combination pinball and slot machine. Pachinko machines are found in privately owned parlors all over Japan. The game is played by the player shooting the ball and if it falls into a special hole it activates the slot machine which rewards a jackpot that pays off in more balls. Players trade the balls in for prizes, usually slits of gold encased in plastic. These are then sold at a neighboring shop for cash. It seems like a complicated way to gamble, but it is extremely popular in Japan.

Japan is an expensive, but wonderful country to visit. The people are friendly and most of the younger people speak some English. For more information visit www.worldtravelguide.net.